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Project manager presenting to the team

Masterclass for project managers: Speak with Impact & Get Buy-ins

  • Two days of training in a small group (max. 8 participants)

  • Tips and coaching from a professional

  • Specific program tailored for Project Managers

25.03 & 01.04

🕓 9:00 - 17:30 / 🇬🇧

Espace Dickens

Dickens 4

1006 Lausanne

Special Launch early birds:

620 CHF

PMI Switzerland members

 520 CHF

Power Skills PDUs

14 PDUs

The most valuable skill of the 2020's

Communication and presentation skills are the top skills to acquire, according to Harvard's Tim StobierskiEffective communication rallies your team around a shared vision, empowers employees, builds trust, and seeds successful projects.

Public speaking is NOT a gift a selected few are born with but a skill that can be mastered.

Unfortunately, 90% of trainings are focusing on tips and tricks ("don't point your finger", "don't pace", "don't say umm"...), ending up being more a distraction than an asset.

Claer PAthway

A clear pathway to becoming a speaker

As in sports, there is little value in learning advanced techniques without strong fundamentals.

My focus on foundations paired with concrete frameworks and templates gives you a direct edge over 95% of presenters.


You build your own style, keeping authenticity while boosting your presence and impact 10x.

Listen to Thando Dube's post-training feedback.

(Recorded in Luzern on October 8th, 2022)



Eliminate anxiety and stage fright

Boost your presence and charisma

Build convincing arguments and bring your point across

Share your vision effectively and win over your audience

Develop reflexes useful in every situation, for instance closing a sale or presenting a report




Damien Gauthier taps into his career in acting, facilitating, and leadership to bring you to the next level.

I combine my daily work as a facilitator, UX lead, and team manager with my professional background as an actor, director, and TEDx speaker coach to empower you with bulletproof techniques, ready to be used in your next meeting.

My holistic and constructive approach to speaking will help you master the fundamentals before building up highly advanced skills.

“I did a lot of public speaking courses, that's the first time I actually can take away something."

Jean-Raphael G. / Senior Project Manager

"I've seen my team use the techniques weeks after the course, I am proud of them."

Alexandre J. / Business Unit Manager

“Damien's training is loaded with concrete, easy to learn tools. His benevolence throughout the process builds up our confidence."

Frédéric L. / Senior Project Manager

"I really love how Damien creates a safe space where we can be vulnerable in front of others."

Chrystel M. / Designer

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Founding principles

​Speaking with impact requires

  1. Enunciating with presence (physical)

  2. Structuring a clear argument (intellectual)

  3. Being relaxed and aware (connection)


Usual tips and tricks won't cut it if you don't have a strong foundation on these three dimensions.

A peek at the

Duration: 2 days spread over two weeks

Max participants: 8

An immersive, hands-on training in small groups with personal & individual coaching

You will learn concrete fundamental techniques useful in any situation, as well as frameworks and templates to immediately boost your impact.

Practice is at the center, with individual coaching throughout the training.

Day 1 a.m. / Build up speaking presence

- your main goal as a speaker

- the theory of conveying a message

- warm-up from a professional actor

- boost your physical presence and confidence

- physical techniques to reduce stage anxiety

Day 1 p.m. / Leverage narrative structures

- how to pitch anything, return on experience

- the 3 phases of discourse, Hollywood's secret sauce

- presenting to the board: the pyramid and MECE methods

- advanced structures: the 3 acts and the hero's journey

- most useful frameworks and recipes

Day 2 a.m. / Win over the audience

- befriending gestures, voice, and silence
- how to punctuate the speech, guiding the audience with gestures, rhythm, and voice
- how to start a presentation, how to end it

- improvise on a bullet point structure

- how to recover when thrown off

Day 2 p.m. / Tactical advanced storytelling

- how to present an example or case study

- the basis of compelling storytelling

- group exercise: build a narrative arc

- when to use storytelling, and when not to

- individual capstone presentation exercise

Save Your Spot

March 25 & April 01

Lausanne / English 🇬🇧

(small group)

09:00 am - 17:30 pm

Espace Dickens

Dickens 4

1006 Lausanne

09:00 – Morning session

12:30 – Lunch break 

14:00 – Afternoon session

17:30 – End of day

Normal full price:

Special launch early bird: 

620 CHF

PMI Switzerland members:

 520 CHF

Power skills PDUs:

14 PDUs

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