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Deliver engaging speeches

Do you have a specific presentation, talk, or pitch to prepare?

Do you want to get to the top 1% of presenters?


I provide customized, specific, individual coaching tailored to your needs and follow you from A to Z.

The most valuable skill of the 2020's

Communication and presentation skills are the top skills to acquire, according to Harvard Business School and Pearson. Effective communication rallies around your vision, inspires others, builds trust, and gets buy-in.


Public speaking is not a gift a selected few are born with, but a skill that can be mastered.

I am thrilled to see your determination to inspire your audience, bring your point across, and 10x your impact.

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Boost your skills,
keep your style

90% of coaches are focusing on tips and tricks ("don't point your finger", "don't pace", "don't saying umm"...), which ends up being more a distraction than an asset.


My concrete frameworks and structured approach, tailored to you in individual working sessions, give you a direct edge over 99% of presenters.

You build your own style, keeping authenticity while boosting your presence and impact.




Damien Gauthier taps into his career in acting, facilitating, and leadership to bring you to the next level.

I combine my daily work as a facilitator, UX lead, and team manager with my professional background as an actor, director, and TEDx speaker coach to empower you with bulletproof techniques, ready to be used in your next meeting.

My holistic, constructive, structured approach to speaking will help you get to the next level.

What you get



Eliminate anxiety and stage fright

Boost your presence and charisma

Build convincing arguments and bring your point across

Share your vision effectively and win over your audience

Develop reflexes useful in any speaking situation

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Founding principles

​Speaking with impact requires

  1. Enunciating with presence (physical)

  2. Structuring a clear argument (intellectual)

  3. Being relaxed and aware (connection)


Usual tips and tricks won't cut it if you don't have a strong foundation on these three dimensions.

My approach to coaching

Duration: Usually 2h or 3h immersive sessions

Max participants: 1 or 2

A coach 100% at your service

Coaching is not a one-size-fits-all training. I put my knowledge and experience at your service and the service of your talk. To make it the best speech you ever delivered.


My coaching is 100% tailored to your needs.

We boost your skills depending on your level of comfort, maturity, and experience, as I did for 8 years as curator and speaker coach for TEDxLausanne.


I leverage my 4 points approach to work on
- your audience and your key message
- your structure and style (what emotions you want to elect) and how to be memorable
- your delivery, opening, hook, visual aids, or props.
- your fine tuning, last-minute preparation, and self-pep talk before the speech


We agree on a goal and schedule only the number of sessions that are needed for you. We go as quickly or as deeply as you want.

I am here to help you attain your objectives as a speaker, not to bill extra hours.

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